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Eiji Akaboshi

Eiji Daniel Akaboshi is part of the Silenus Winery winemaking team working alongside Scott Meadows to make the Silenus Winery premium Napa wines from the Oak Knoll Appellation. Eiji fell in love with the Cabs from the property that showcase the elegance and great balance of the Oak Knoll terroir and the Silenus vineyard in particular. To reflect what the property can offer, Eiji views his winemaking role as more of a caretaker of the vineyard and grapes so they can express their full potential. From grape to bottle, he coaxes the wines to express their potential through minimal intervention and a careful selection of barrels that are complementary to the fruit characteristics.

Eiji’s love of all things wine all began in his college dorm while swirling a glass of cheap wine pondering about his future. He had a eureka moment when the realization hit that wine was a biological process and he could join his Biology degree with his love for wine. After getting a Masters Degree in Enology from CSU Fresno, he has amassed 16 years of experience working for various wineries such as Peju, Green and Red Vineyard, Medlock Ames and ending at Silenus Winery. This has given him hands-on knowledge and insight to all the processes involved in making great wines.