The Silenus and Tyros Story

Silenus & Tyros

Zeus, God of all Gods in ancient Greek mythology, had a son named Dionysus, God of Wine. At Dionysus’ birth Zeus appointed Silenus to teach his young son how to debauch and enjoy the finer things of life – like drinking wine! Together they traveled the world, planting grapevines and raising bees for pollination while always enjoying copious amounts of wine. They carried a fennel stalk topped with a pinecone as a sign of hospitality. The Silenus label incorporates these elements – the grapevine, the fennel staff with a pinecone and the bees.

Silenus and Dionysus
Bee Hives

Tyros: Beginner or Apprentice


As Silenus mentored his charge Dionysus, God of Wine, Dionysus became the apprentice, or Tyros to Silenus. We see Dionysus on the Tyros label as he has clearly been debauching. He seems to be asking us to join him in a glass of wine, and to above all ENJOY!